Sometimes you know “something is just not right” with your pet. That’s why the experienced veterinarians at Piedmont Veterinary Clinic are willing to go above and beyond a standard physical exam in order to properly diagnose your pet’s illness.

Our veterinary staff uses a variety of sophisticated diagnostic tools to provide you with detailed information about your pet’s condition. Advanced diagnostics can even help stop diseases and parasites in their earliest stages, before they pose a more serious threat to your pet’s health.

Our animal clinic has the capacity to care for your pet’s complete diagnostic needs, including:

Radiology Services
The advanced, on-site X-ray equipment at Piedmont Veterinary Clinic creates high quality radiographs that allow our veterinary staff to quickly diagnose many disorders and conditions, such as intestinal obstructions, orthopedic abnormalities, organ enlargement, etc.

ECG (EKG) Services

Electrocardiography services, also known as performing an electrocardiogram or an EKG, allow our veterinary staff to measure the electrical impulses of your pet’s heart. With this machine, we are able to diagnose your pet’s condition based on any heart rhythm abnormalities. EKG services are offered on-site at our animal clinic. However, we also regularly consult with cardiology specialists in the Hillsborough, N.C., or surrounding area.

The in-house laboratory at Piedmont Veterinary Clinic allows our veterinary staff to quickly perform various screenings and testings, including pre-surgical testing, blood chemistry profiles, routine fecal screenings, urinalysis, and heartworm/parasite testing.

Internal Medicine Consults
We also offer in-hospital referrals to local internal medicine specialists in more complex clinic cases. If necessary, the consulting specialist may perform additional diagnostic procedures, such as an ultrasound or endoscopic procedure in order to arrive at a more complicated diagnosis.

Individualized Flea Control Programs
Apart from being pests, fleas often carry diseases that can be fatal to your pet. At Piedmont Veterinary Clinic, we offer personalized flea control programs to help control the fleas in your house, and on your pet. While fleas can be hard to find, our veterinary staff knows exactly how and where to search for fleas and will examine your pet for fleas and other parasites during a regular veterinary exam.

If you have any questions about our services, please contact us today at (919) 732-2569.